Our People

The Very Reverend Canon Allan Maclean, sometime Provost of Oban Cathedral
The Very Reverend Canon Allan Maclean, sometime Provost of Oban Cathedral. Instituted to St Vincent’s on 22nd January 2015.



Canon Allan Maclean

Email: Rector@stvincentschapel.org.uk

Telephone: 0131-225 8609









The Reverend Professor Gordon Graham
The Reverend Professor Gordon Graham, Director of  The Edinburgh Festival of the Sacred Arts Festival at the Fringe, held at St Vincent’s from 12 to 18 August 2018.
The Reverend Dr Mike Hull
The Reverend Dr Michael Hull (also Director of Studies in the Scottish Episcopal Institute)
The Reverend William Mounsey
The Reverend Fr William L. F. Mounsey  (also Chaplain to The Royal Air Forces Association and Interim Pastor in the Diocese in Europe)











St Vincent’s participates in training for ministry. Canon Allan Maclean and the Hon Barnaby Miln are Field Education Supervisors for the Scottish Episcopal Institute.  The Reverend Oliver Brewer-Lennon, whilst  a third year ordinand, was on placement at St Vincent’s from Epiphany to Easter 2016. Michael Johns-Perring was involved in the life of St Vincent’s before going up to Westcott House, Cambridge in September 2016. Our Evensong Organist, William D Watt, is a Church of Scotland ordinand.


Director of Music & Sunday Morning Organist: Les Shankland        DirectorofMusic@stvincentschapel.org.uk

Sunday Evening Organist: William D Watt  williamdwatt@btinternet.com

Composer in Residence: Dr Harry Whalley  harrywhalley@gmail.com

Musicians in Residence: The Edinburgh Quartet  http://www.edinburghquartet.com

Artist in Residence: Augusta Maclean https://www.augustamaclean.com

Les Shankland, Director of Music
Les Shankland, Director of Music, Sunday morning organist
William D Watt, organist
William D Watt, Evensong organist (also Church of Scotland ordinand)
Dr Harry Whalley, Composer in Residence at St Vincent’s (also Course Director in Music Composition and Technology at the University for the Creative Arts)

Current members of our VESTRY are: Canon Allan Maclean (Rector), Dr Andrew Mason, Andrew Milner (Locum Treasurer & Diocesan Synod Lay Representative). Angela Wilson, The Hon Barnaby Miln (Property Convener), Bridget Campbell, Christopher Hartley (Sacristan), James Holloway CBE  (Diocesan Synod Alternate Lay Representative), Lizzie Webb (Secretary), Ruth Stark MBE (Music Convener & Hospitality) and Suja Kurien-Hartley.

Property Committee of the Vestry: The Hon Barnaby Miln (Property Convener), The Rector, Christopher Hartley.

Music Committee of the Vestry: Ruth Stark (Convener), The Rector, The Hon Barnaby Miln (Venue Manager). 

Elected Vestry members usually serve for a term of three years and may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Hon Barnaby Miln is a member of the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church. He is the lay representative of the Edinburgh Forth Area Council which is composed of these congregations: Holy Cross, Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh EH4 5BS; St David of Scotland, Royston Mains Place, Edinburgh EH5 1LH; St Ninian’s, 40 Comely Bank, Edinburgh EH4 1AG;  St Paul’s & St George’s, 10 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3RH;  St Philip’s & St James’, 57B Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH5 5PX;   St Vincent’sSt James the Less, John’s Place, Leith EH6 7EL; St Mary of Mount Carmel, Hopetoun Road, South Queensferry EH30 9RB.

THE VESTRY is a committee of members elected to administer the temporal affairs of a church or parish. Our vestry supports the life and activities of St Vincent’s, has responsibility for the general control and management of the administration of the business matters of the congregation. We enjoy the use of the St Vincent’s building under the agreement we have with Commandery of Lochore of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus. For the purposes of charity law, members of the Vestry are the Charity Trustees of the church.

Our constitution requires that at the Annual General Meeting members of the congregation should elect up to ten members to act as members of the Vestry. There may be vacancies available if you are interested; have a word with the Rector, Canon Allan Maclean.


Weekly rotas are posted on the vestibule notice board. As they show, help is always needed to keep St Vincent’s running well. If you think you could offer your services, please contact Andy or the following:

Helping Hands: Andy Milner

Hospitality: Ruth Stark

Jenny Stewart, flower arranging co-ordinator

Flowers: Jenny Stewart

Sacristan: Christopher Hartley

Garden: Christopher Hartley

Magazine: Christina Paulson-Ellis

Property Convenor & Venue Manager: Hon Barnaby Miln

Website: The Hon Barnaby Miln [Webmaster@stvincentschapel.org.ukwho welcomes photographs (by email) of the living, lively St Vincent’s for this website.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: Contact@stvincentschapel.org.uk

Sacristan Christopher Hartley (left) with Property Convenor Barnaby Miln in June 2016
Sacristan Christopher Hartley (left) with Property Convenor Barnaby Miln in June 2016
Vestry member, James Holloway presents flowers, speaking in Italian, to Mrs Eleonora Hull.
Vestry member, James Holloway presents flowers to Mrs Eleonora Hull, wife of our Assistant Priest, the Reverend Dr Mike Hull following his licensing to St Vincent’s.


Susan Paul reads from the 4th Chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians.
Mrs Susan Paul reads from the 4th Chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians.


RAF Banner
Royal Air Forces Association banner in St Vincent’s North Aisle
The St Vincent banner lovingly restored for St Vincent's Day 2015 by Christopher Hartley
The St Vincent banner lovingly restored for St Vincent’s Day 2015 by Christopher Hartley, our Sacristan



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