St Vincent’s : a Scottish Episcopal Church

in the Scottish Episcopal Church‘s Diocese of Edinburgh, and within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

St Vincent’s is in Stockbridge, right on its border with Edinburgh’s Northern New Town – and immediately opposite William Playfair’s much larger St Stephen’s Theatre.  A Gothic gem, St Vincent’s was built by the brothers John, William & James Hay of Liverpool and opened in 1857.

Between 1967 and 1996 St Vincent’s was also the Collegiate Church of the Hereditary Commandery of Lochore of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus. Their impressive armorial embellishments adorn the interior. St Vincent’s is owned by its Vestry on behalf of its Congregation.


St Vincent's Chapel 21

Our purpose is to worship God and serve the Northern New Town and Stockbridge. We warmly welcome visitors and new members, including those of any, or no, faith.

On arrival for a service, we’ll hand you a service pamphlet and Scottish Prayer Book – and a Hymn Book when there’s music. Choose where to sit for yourself.


The south side of St Vincent’s on Circus Lane.


A review of the strategy and operation of St Vincent’s in 2019 found a ‘remarkable transformation in the vivacity of St Vincent’s over the last three years’.   ‘And that the claim that St Vincent’s is the village church in the heart of the city is fully justified’. In 2017 an ordinand’s research project concluded that ‘we are a healthy, growing, loving and open community of Christ’.


We are a Centre for Music Making, the Sacred Arts and for Community Use


We welcome musicians who come to learn, rehearse and perform; they praise the comfort and acoustics of St Vincent’s. We also welcome many meetings of local and national bodies, large and small. We are proud that the annual Edinburgh Festival of the Sacred Arts in the Fringe began at St Vincent’s in 2018, and is now shared with other city centre churches.


Inside St Vincent's and looking to the back of the church and Refectory beyond with the significant west window above.Inside St Vincent’s and looking to the back of the church. The Refectory is underneath the gallery. . There is gallery seating for about 30.
This is the Refectory set out for a meeting. There are several collapsible tables and about 40 folding chairs available.


The Undercroft below the church is seen here prepared for talks on Embroidery and on Architecture during the 2021 Edinburgh Festival of the Sacred Arts at the Fringe  At the far side is a photographic exhibition of items from within the church. The Undercroft extends under the whole floor area of the church.

St Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh, the village church at the heart of the city.