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Canon Allan Maclean 10
The Very Reverend Canon Allan Maclean, Rector of St Vincent’s

Rector of St Vincent’s: Canon Allan Maclean, tel. 0131-225 8609,

Assistant Priest: The Reverend Dr Michael Hull,

Assistant Priest: The Reverend William L. F. Mounsey,

Director of Music: Les Shankland,

Sunday Evening Organist: William D Watt,

Property Convener: The Hon Barnaby Miln,

Vestry Secretary: Richard Inglis,

Vestry Treasurer: Andy Milner,

Magazine Editor: David

Sacred Arts Festival: The Reverend Professor Gordon Graham FRSE,

Venue Hire Enquiries: The Hon Barnaby Miln,

General Enquiries:

The Hon Barnaby Miln
The Hon Barnaby Miln, Property Convener, who welcomes venue hire enquiries

Or come to one of our services to make contact – we’d be delighted to meet you.

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