Videos: Our People

The Reverend Dr Michael Hull’s sermon on Sunday morning 15th October 2017

The Reverend Linda Harknett reads the Epistle on Sunday morning 15th October 2017

Canon Allan Maclean’s sermon at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s anniversary service

Bridget Campbell reads from Isaiah, chapter 31

The Reverend Professor Gordon Graham and the Anglican service of Evening Prayer

The Reverend Fr William Mounsey pronounces the Blessing at Evensong

The Chapter House Singers with Les Shankland, Director of Music, singing Ave Maria

The Reverend Oliver Brewer-Lennon, cantor, at Evensong

Christopher Hartley reads The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Barnaby Miln reads Moses and the Burning Bush from Exodus

St Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh, the village church at the heart of the city.