One late Victorian and A Carrick Whalen’s Nine Modern Stained Glass Windows


The late Victorian East Window probably by Edinburgh based specialist glass manufacturer Ballantine is adapted from Robert Scott Lauder’s Christ Teachest Humility, perhaps the first picture in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland, currently undergoing restoration. Robert Scott Lauder (25 June 1803 – 21 April 1869) was born in Silvermills, in a house immediately behind St Stephen’s Centre, a stone’s throw from St Vincent’s.


South Wall Window 01
First window of the south wall of the nave: Sir William Steward, Knight KLJ, Sword Bearer of the Order, 1975. A Carrick Whalen






South Wall Window 02
Second window of the south wall of the nave, on the left: Philip Stewart Mackenzie Arbuthnot, on the right: Cecil John Evelyn of Wotton KLJ (father and cousin of Mary Evelyn Arbuthnot DHL, DLJ. A Carrick Whalen
South Wall Window 03
Third window of south wall of nave; on the left, Madam Nina Mary Gayre of Gayre and Nigg, Baroness of Lochoreshyre; on the right Reinold John Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg the Younger, 1979 (note the badge indicating knight). A Carrick Whalen
The East Window of the North Aisle to Lt Col. Gayre of Gayre and Nigg  (A C Whalen 1980)
The East Window of the North Aisle,to  (A Carrick Whalen 1980).


Chancel Window South
South wall window of chancel, left window, above – The Very Reverend David Lumgair CBE, KLJ, 0 StJ, Dean, 1975, below – The Very Reverend Malcolm A Clark, Dean of Edinburgh, and Dean of St Vincent’s 1989. Right window, the Lumgair family arms, 1976. A Carrick Whalen


St Vincent's West Window, above the Gallery
St Vincent’s West Window, above the Gallery. On the left, Chevalier Raymond Otto Wicklander KLJ, 1984; in the centre, Chevalier Paul R Kraemer GCLJ, 1984; on the right, Chevalier Douglas Gordon Gair GCLJ, KMLJ – Chancellor and Surrogate Grand Commander, 1988, and above Dame Verdun Gair GCLJ. A Carrick Whalen


The windows of the Porch of St Vincent's.
The windows of the Porch of St Vincent’s. On the left: St Lazarus Knight 1200 AD, 1985 (thought to be the first known knight of St Lazarus). On the right: Charlotte Mann DLJ, BMLJ, DMLJ. A Carrick Whalen


North Wall Window 02
North wall second window, left, John Wilberforce MLJ, 1981, right, Chevalier Kenneth McLennan Hay BEM, ISM, KCLJ, KMLJ, 1983 by A Carrick Whalen
North Wall Window 03
North wall third window, The Marquess of Bristol, 1978 (note chain of office surrounding shield indicating commander of a commandery and the cross indicating a chief of religion). A Carrick Whalen





St Vincent's Chapel 06
Repairs to the east window in November 2013.
St Vincent's Chapel 19
Replacing window stonework in November 2013


South side of St Vincent's  from Circus Lane
South side of St Vincent’s from Circus Lane
St Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh, the village church at the heart of the city.