Six-part Lent series

‘Episcopalians and Their Ethics: A six-part series in Lent’ 

Given by The Reverend Dr Michael Hull, Assistant Priest at St Vincent’s

Episcopalians, like all Christians, desire to lead lives worthy of their calling in the Lord Jesus Christ. How do we lead such lives?‘Episcopalians and Their Ethics’ is an overview of Christian Ethics from an Episcopal/Anglican perspective. It aims to develop a well-informed understanding of Christian deliberation on behaviour and the ways in which Anglicanism informs and shapes the morality of individuals and communities, with case studies relating to contemporary ethical issues.The Series is offered on the six Mondays of Lent in 30-minute webinars, each of which will be recorded and available thereafter on YouTube. The videos will include closed captions. The Series serves as a resource for us to use creatively during the Season of Lent, for example, as a refresher course for individuals or a discussion starter for a church group.

Time: 7pm to 7.30pm (Edinburgh time) on the Mondays in Lent 2022.

Monday 7 March:       What is Christian ethics?

Monday 14 March:     Why should I choose good over evil? 

Monday 21 March:     How do I tell good from evil?

Monday 28 March:     What is conscience?

Monday 4 April:          Why follow conscience?

Monday 11 April:        Where do I go with Christian ethics?Registration is free, and all are welcome.

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St Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh, the village church at the heart of the city.