Terms & Conditions of Hire

THE  VESTRY is keen that St Vincent’s is used, not only as a fully functioning Scottish Episcopal church, but also for weekday community use.

Bookings are to be made by email or telephone with our Property Convener.  We need to know why you are making a booking, and what activities will be taking place.

We also need to lay down a few ground rules. So you know what we expect, please look through these Conditions of Hire before we can confirm your booking.

For the avoidance of doubt, these pages form part of the conditions of hire of St Vincent’s, in addition to the other terms published on our website and in print. You should raise any concern about the use of St Vincent’s, in the first instance, with our Property Convener.

© The Vestry of St Vincent’s Chapel 2019

Charges and commitment 

  1. THE HIRER must pay the agreed hire charge before or at the time of the hire. St Vincent’s is not able to provide credit facilities.
  2. THE HIRER must only use the space you have booked and paid for.  There may be, or about to be, other activities in rooms you have not booked.
  3. THE HIRER must keep to the times booked and include setting-up and clearing-up time in your booking.
  4. THE HIRER must be aware that evening activities must be terminated by 11pm.
  5. THE VESTRY reserves the right to cancel hired sessions if the premises are required for church use, for a funeral for instance,  when as much notice as possible will be given. Any pre-payment will be refunded. Cancellation of a booking by a HIRER may be charged.
  6. THE HIRER acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the Vestry of St Vincent’s and the Hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exist between them.
  7. THE HIRER shall not sub-let or use St Vincent’s for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, or do anything or bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the premises, their users, or any insurance policies relating thereto.
  8. THE HIRER must submit to any instruction from the Property Convener or his deputy in respect of your use of St Vincent’s.
  9. THE  VESTRY may inspect all aspects of compliance at any time and while we hope that any problems can be solved with discussion and agreement, the Vestry reserves the right to correct any shortcomings or require you to do so.

Keeping people safe

  1. THE HIRER is responsible for any accident or injury arising out of the activity for which they have booked the premises. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the premises are safe for the purposes for which they intend to use them. The insurance policy held by St Vincent’s Vestry only covers groups sponsored by or directly connected to St Vincent’s Chapel.
  2. THE HIRER needs to be aware that there is a portable ramp to assist wheelchair access though the front door. This is stored in the disabled person’s toilet.
  3. THE HIRER must be aware that a First Aid Kit and Accident Book is located in the kitchen of the Refectory.
  4. THE HIRER must complete the Accident Report Book, which is located in the kitchen, to report accidents and near-misses, and advise our Property Convenor.
  5. THE HIRER must be aware that the provision of alcohol is governed by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 as amended from time to time. If there is no sale of alcohol no licence is required. If an event had a £10 entry fee and the ticket said ‘includes drink’ then that would be classed as a sale of alcohol. It is for the hirer to obtain a licence to sell alcohol in St Vincent’s but only after obtaining the agreement of the Property Convenor who will need to consult his committee.
  6. THE HIRER is responsible for familiarising his or herself with the Fire Safety notices, fire extinguishers and the location of fire exits. The Hirer is also responsible for ensuring that fire exits are unlocked and are not blocked in the course of their activities.
  7. THE HIRER must ensure that electrical equipment brought into St Vincent’s must comply with current electrical regulations. If you are required to display safety notices you must consult the Property Convener about doing so.
  8. THE HIRER must take responsibility for the safety of all users of St Vincent’s during the period of hire. All children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by their parents or other carers.
  9. THE HIRER must be familiar with the Scottish Episcopal Church Child Protection Policy contained in the booklet ‘Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Church’ or equivalent publication approved by an accredited agency and have an understanding of it and undertake to follow the Code of Practice contained therein.  All those who are working with children under the age of 18 during the period of hire must have Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme membership. We shall ask to see evidence of this.
  10. THE HIRER must be familiar with the Scottish Episcopal Church Policy on Vulnerable Adults contained in the booklet ‘Protecting Vulnerable Adults’ and have an understanding of it and undertake to follow the Code of Practice contained therein.  All those who are working with Protected Adults during the period of hire must have had a satisfactory Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme disclosure. We shall ask to see evidence of this.
  11. THE HIRER must ensure that where food is stored, prepared or served on our premises it is in accordance with relevant food safety legislation.  Any food left in the kitchen’s fridge must be clearly labelled with details of who it belongs to, the date it was stored and the date it must be used by. Food which is not labelled or out of date will be disposed of.

Looking after our building

  1. THE HIRER shall, during the period of hiring, be responsible for the supervision and security of St Vincent’s and protection of the fabric and contents from any damage.
  2. THE HIRER must take away all rubbish, or pay for special cleaning.  You should bring a supply of bin bags with you. The City of Edinburgh Council will not take away our refuse and we cannot provide bins for users.
  3. THE HIRER must leave St Vincent’s in the condition in which he or she would wish to find it, or pay for its cleaning. This should  include vacuuming the carpets cleaning the kitchen (if used) and toilets, or pay extra for hiring cleaners. The Vestry does not provide cleaning within the cost of the hire. If we need to employ a cleaner we will charge you at the non-discounted rate of hire for the time it takes to clean after your booking
  4. THE HIRER shall be responsible for the observance of all regulations affecting the premises imposed by the Scottish Episcopal Church and its Diocese of Edinburgh, the Fire Authority, the City of Edinburgh Council or otherwise.
  5. THE HIRER must report defects, breakages or other items needing our attention without delay in person or by email to the Property Convener.
  6. THE HIRER may only put up posters and the like on your own portable notice boards, and must take them with you when you leave. Our notice boards are allocated for specific purposes.
  7. THE HIRER must be aware that the Vestry has no provision for lost property and items left after a hire may be disposed of.

Using our musical instruments 

  1. THE HIRER may use the upright piano which is included when hiring the Refectory, and the grand piano when hiring the church. Please take care with our pianos.
  2. THE HIRER must seek permission to use the church organ for which there will be a charge. Special consideration will be given to organ students.

Obeying the law

  1. THE HIRER must obtain a licence from the Performing Rights Society for the performance of music. St Vincent’s holds a licence from the CCLI for the performance of music and the playing of recorded music only for itself.  This licence does not cover these activities if undertaken by an organisation which is not sponsored by St Vincent’s.
  2. THE HIRER shall, if selling goods on the premises, comply with all relevant fair trading laws and any local codes of practice issued in connection with such sales.
  3. THE HIRER must observe the law including Equal Opportunities legislation, Health and Safety Regulations and Race Relations legislation.

Guarding our reputation 

  1. THE VESTRY reserves the right to inspect any advertising material which makes reference to the church building before it is used.
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